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As Parents, Grandparents and Kids Ministry Leaders OUR GOAL is to EQUIP, TRAIN and NURTURE the Faith Journeys of our Children. There HAS TO BE a BLUEPRINT from which we BUILD! God has given us the BLUEPRINT of what He SEES in each of our lives including our Children. God is looking for PASSIONATE WORSHIPPERS - WARRIORS and WITNESSES of the KING. What does this look like? How do we NURTURE our children as WORSHIPPERS of the KING? This series will take you on a journey to develop line upon line and precept upon precept allowing our children to ENGAGE with THEIR KING.

Beginning in FEBRUARY on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL, join us on the journey.

There will be Kids Pages in PDF format that you will be able to DOWNLOAD for your children to engage in the series.

Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Channel to receive the weekly teachings and Kids Pages


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