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Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry Entry #1

Celebrating 40 Years of Ministry Across the World. Entry #1

Look out for lots of memories and photos. If you have a story to share from these 40 years, would love that you send them to me so I can add them to the journey.

Ministry began long before going into Bible College. I knew at the age of 14 years I would be a Preacher. The Call of God came Through a number of Prophetic Words and Confirmations over a season of time. I am forever Grateful for those early years under the ministry of Pastor George and Heloise Dillman in Durban South Africa.

My First sermon was preached at the age of 15 years in Clairwood in the Home of Brother Harry Joshua and his wonderful family. I had prepared for a 30 minute sermon BUT it only lasted 5 minutes from beginning to the altar call.

These Photos are from my Bethesda Bible College years.


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