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Invite Shane

It is always a great honour to be invited to minister whether it be to a congregation of families, to children, training leaders or conferences. 

There are many options and expressions of ministry that I am able to input into your church or conference. 

These expressions of ministry include:

Family Generational Services

Camp Speaker for Families or Children 

Children's Ministry

Conference Speaker as Keynote or Workshop

Children's Ministry Leadership Training and Development

Consulting regarding your Children's Ministry

Ignite Generations Summit


Pastor Shane Cooke has ministered at Casey Life Church on a number of occasions, and will again in the future. He creatively engaged a mixed crowd of thousands at last years Carols event, and has equipped children’s ministry workers with both heart and skill in a number of seminars he has run. Shane occupies a unique space in the children’s / family ministry world. He has the ability to creatively engage adults and children simultaneously, whilst working in partnership with the Holy Spirit to see genuine expressions in ministry settings. I am happy to recommend Shane - an anointed, creative and experienced ministry, who I know will be a blessing to your church and ministry.

Pastor Graham Shand

(Lead Pastor Casey Life Church / ACC VIC State Executive Member)

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How to Invite

You can e-mail me at or phone: +61 0425836370

Faith Based Ministry

Being an Itinerate ministry means living by Faith that is not salaried by any church or organisation.   

Just over 6 years ago I stepped out of a full time salaried position sensing it was a new season and the leading of the Lord to travel to the nations of the world. My hearts cry was "Lord where-ever, when-ever, what-ever." There is a burning passion to TRAIN, EQUIP and DEVELOP all generations.

Over the years I have been privileged to travel to multiple nations to minister and see God moving amongst the children and families.  I sense this is a season of ACCELERATION as God opens new doors of opportunity. There  is a tremendous MOVE of God amongst this generation of children that demands attention. They are hungry for more of God. What is desperately needed are those who will EQUIP them and help parents nurture their children's faith journey. 

Your invitation or partnership makes this passion possible. 

Details concerning travel, lodging and honorarium can be discussed. 

Many times regarding International destinations it is easy to ADD an extra weekend to a nation that I am already travelling to.


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