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2022 UPDATE: The doors are OPEN

It has been a while since I updated this Blog page. After a long lockdown of nearly 2 1/2 years, International travel finally opened in May 2022 for me. Since then i have been blessed to do 3 trips for ministry. The First one was SINGAPORE for 2 weeks, the next was ENGLAND for 3 weeks and the final trip was for 4 weeks back to SINGAPORE and the U.S.A. SO MUCH happened on each of these trips, many new doors were opened for further return trips. I believe 2023 will be a year of ACCELERATION and NEW NATIONS via the Technologies as well as going to some of them in the future.

The Kingdom of God was extended through many responding to the Gospel of Jesus for the first time in all generations from old to young.

Others were filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in their Heavenly language (Tongues) for the first time.

What a honour and privilege to minister to a number of schools on these trips from ages 5 - 18 years of age in different settings. One school I have been to three times in Singapore. To see these excited little faces as I walked through the corridors and they were all eager to high five and shake my hand calling out my name as I walked past. That God would give me the honour of downloading and sharing into their little lives is beyond money and words.


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