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Come Lord Jesus Prayer Relay

It was a great honour to be asked to be the National Co-Ordinator for Australia for this Prayer Really around the world. Over 40 nations are on this present Relay. Australia received the Baton on the 12th April then handed it over to Nepal the following day. Although short notice, we were able to get a number of Churches, Kids Ministries and Families praying "Come Lord Jesus"

The FOUR areas that were prayed: Come Lord Jesus and ENCOUNTER ME Personally

Come to our Nation Australia

Come to Nepal

Come to the World by sending workers into the harvest, ending with the Prayer of Revelation "COME LORD JESUS, Come Quickly"

We were encouraged by the words received from Argentina who prayed for Australia as children sensed God saying....

This Prayer Really will continue int the month of May. Check out where YOUR NATION is in the Relay and join in.

There are loads of Creative ideas on how to pray for your nation and the world.

We are looking forward to the NEXT RELAY later this year.

You can also download ideas for Family Prayer below.


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