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Children and the Holy Spirit If the statistics are to be true, THEN we haven't done a great job in raising up the next generation to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ. They have heard the stories of the Bible until they can recite each account in Multiple ways BUT never having encountered the GOD of these stories for themselves. In the USA the statistics are 70% of the kids will leave the church by their late teens NEVER to return. In the UK 1000 young people leave the church every week. There can be a number of valid reasons given for some of these statistics BUT there is ONE that is not often discussed or considered The George Barna research group mentions that nearly 70% of young people stated that they had NEVER heard God speak to them. How can that be? How can one encounter this Supernatural God if you are not able to HEAR Him? The MAIN street of the Bible is a SUPERNATURAL God doing Supernatural things yet our young people have never encountered Him in anyway including hearing God speak! When God made children, did He make a mistake? Did He malfunction on their Purpose leaving them in a vacuum to meander aimlessly through childhood until adulthood? EVERY PERSON Including children are created on purpose for a purpose. 1 Corinthians 12:6 "Each person is given something to do to show who God is.." Children are born to show who God is. How do you show a Supernatural God? You show Him by Supernatural means and ways! We are a spirit being living in an earths suit called the body. Our 5 senses help us live in this world - the NATURAL world. We have become very good at operating in this world. From very young, our five senses of touch, smell, see, hear and taste CONNECT us to this natural world. We function by these senses. The problem is that these senses DON'T connect us to God's World - the SUPERNATURAL REALM. To have DIVINE encounters we need to connect to this Supernatural world by Supernatural means. This Supernatural realm is as real if not more real than our natural realm. Another way of describing the Supernatural realm is by calling it the Spirit World or realm. EVERYTHING in this realm is Spirit. A woman asked Jesus where she should worship as she pointed to the mountain saying this is where our forefathers had always worshipped. Jesus replied that to worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. Only Spirit can touch spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of God who helps the follower of Jesus encounter the genuine, real Supernatural Power and Presence of God. As the followers of Jesus, it is the Holy Spirit who brings the supernatural life form Of God to life in our lives. Jesus gave the promise as he was about to leave, I am sending you another like me, He will lead you into all truth. He will DECLARE the TRUTH which is the INFORMATION needed to bring about a Supernatural encounter of God. This Information becomes the basis for the MANIFESTATION of His Spirit. These Manifestations are found in 1 Corinthians 12 known as the Gifts of the Spirit. They are all Supernatural in origin. We could call them the 3X3 Gift set. Another way of looking at them is to consider them the TOOLS OF THE TRADE of the Holy Spirit. Three gifts are for speaking or inspiration Three gifts are for knowing or Revelation Three gifts are for doing or power These GIFTS will bring TRANSFORMATION The purpose behind each of these gifts is to TRANSFORM a situation and bring it into alignment with God's plans and purposes. INFORMATION - MANIFESTATION - TRANSFORMATION What has all of this got to do with children? Children are also included in the promise of been empowered to operate these Gifts of the Holy Spirit. They too can carry the Power and Presence of God. They too can touch heaven and draw down the Kingdom life into those whom they lay hands on and pray for. Lord MANIFEST your POWER & PRESENCE through our kids.

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