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Spiritual Parenting TOOLBOX SINGAPORE

I was very honoured to be able to minister at Arise Church in Singapore where Pastor Gerald Khoo is the Senior Pastor. Part of the weekend was to share the "Spiritual Parenting TOOLBOX" (SPT) with parents. I am very excited about having created this resource for parents. the response from the hours together was very positive. I am looking forward to sharing this in a number of settings and nations this year.

"There is a LARGER Story line than your Family History" What Spiritual Legacy will you leave behind for your children and Grand Children? Your legacy of faith are the Spiritual Markers you leave, the stories of God in your journey. The SPT helps give you tools for: Helping your kids see your faith, Helping your kids find faith, Helping your kids Believe and defend their faith, Helping your kids return to Faith, Helping your kids keep and build their faith, Helping your kids share their faith and Fighting for your Kids Faith. Chapter 1 of the manual will challenge everything in your life and help you understand the Spiritual WAR you are in for your Children's Faith. This WAR is for the hearts and minds of our children.

Companion mini teaching series are available to help parents BUILD their children's Faith and Encounters with God.

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