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Kids Pray for the Sick

November (3-5th November)

Kids Camp with South Eastern Christian Centre (Victoria Australia)

Close to 70 Children, Leaders and some parents attended the Kids Camp.

After teaching kids and leaders about Words of Knowledge and How to Pray for the sick in the afternoon at Kids Camp, everything was activated in the evening service. There was a wonderful gentle sense of God's Presence as they received Words of Knowledge, some in drawing form, others in words.

Kids Camp & Family Service (November 2017)

“We were incredibly blessed to have Pastor Shane Cooke minister at our Kids Camp and Family Service this weekend. It was a powerful time of input. It helped our kids to understand that they too can shine God’s light wherever they go; that they can be filled with the Holy Spirit; to have the courage to pray for the sick and see them healed; and that God will show and tell them things. It was a very special time and was so good to have the kids involved in the Sunday service. They prayed for the sick and to see the generations standing together and praying for each other was so amazingly powerful. We have very much appreciated the input and believe it will have a significant impact on our church and local community.

Pastor Anna Nyhuis : South Eastern Christian Centre

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