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This is my Hearts Cry


There is a tendency in the church and even in many Christian homes to view children as limited editions when it comes to seeing them used by God powerfully and Supernaturally.

We marvel when God uses children, we are astounded, taken by surprise YET it should be the very natural realm for Children.

We believe in their abilities and capacities in so many other arena's of life BUT not when it comes to the Spiritual.

Is it Nature or Nurture?

If you leave it to nature - it will be a throw away generation.

If we sit by and just watch – hoping that by nature they will come in to the things of God – we will lose them.

Spiritual Arrested Development

This is a parallel to the physical Arrested development we see in children. Left to their own devices – babies do not grow. They need a nurturing environment where they can grow up healthy.

It always breaks my heart when I hear the stories of children who have been locked away, chained up like animals, hidden from the the rest of the world and when they are discovered, the horrendous damage that has been inflicted. Those who have been deprived of wholesome meals, no light etc. When found, they were in appalling shape. Many of them had not developed as one would expect of a normal child growing up. Many of them cannot speak as they have never learnt language, others cannot walk properly as they had been chained to posts in cellars for many years. The psychological damage, the physical scars, the mental torment. The question one would ask is “WHY” would a parent or someone of influence in that child’s life do such a thing?

You may want to do an Internet search to read some of these stories for yourself.

We are shocked by these stories BUT think nothing of the Spiritual Arrested Development in hundreds of thousands even millions of children who are brought up in Christian homes. Living but starving for encounters with God,subsisting on very little spiritual food. For many, it may be a Bible story they hear at Sunday School. We have assumed that they cannot have healthy spiritual meals so we have allowed them to live on a diet of Bible Stories, fun and whatever is at times poorly presented in a Sunday School class. We have believed that children cannot have deep relationships with God, their capacity for the Spiritual and Supernatural is limited.

What causes kids to thrive in God?

How do you Nurture CAPACITY?

(Taken from Spiritual Parenting TOOLBOX)

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