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I see a generation ARISING who are beginning to take their place in the KINGDOM HERE & NOW.

I see a generation rising that will not take no for an answer, they will move in Supernatural Power & Presence, disarming and undoing what the enemy has chained and bound.

This was what began to happen at the HOPE KIDS CONFERENCE in Singapore. I was greatly honoured to be asked to minister to the children and Leaders. I shared Three (3) sessions with the children. The First I shared about IDENTITY - WHO ARE YOU? If you don't know WHO YOU ARE, you CANNOT DO your PURPOSE. It was a time to SHOW the Preferred Picture that God has for each and everyone of us - uniquely created to SHOW WHO GOD IS by our SOMETHING. The Second session we looked at what it means to BE LIKE & DO LIKE JESUS. We can only DO what Jesus DID if we are EMPOWERED like He was by the Holy Spirit.

Many Many children were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in their heavenly language for the first time.

This set the Platform for the last session which was a Practical session on "I can heal the sick in Jesus Name" I shared 8 steps on how to pray for the sick including POINTS of CONTACT. we shared Two of the points of contact: Prayer Cloths and Anointing Oil. I asked those who would like to Heal the Sick in Jesus Name - they all responded. Their hands were anointed to go and lay hands on the sick.

GIRL HEALED in the Meeting

While practicing praying for different diseases - one of the young girls actually had a very sore painful calf, the fiends around her laid hands on her and she was instantly healed. one of the young Girls Screamed with excitement. It was INCREDIBLE.

Prayer cloths were anointed to take home to sick loved ones BELIEVING God will Heal them.

In the afternoon just over 200 kids were released onto the streets to pray for people. They ministered to just over 130 people.

RESULTS: Adults and kids gave their lives to Jesus, Healings took place and families were blessed.

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